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Products built with charities in mind


Digital fundraising & public engagement can be simple and friction-free. With this in mind, we've launched a suite of tools to help supporters engage with content in moments it matters the most. 


Our products & services work across all charity sizes and focus on solving problems for non-profits across the digital spectrum.


Make your organic content work for you. Engage your supporters with our smart-units that empower them to take action seamlessly when they discover your content - whether by donating, registering their interest to receive information, or signing a petition that could positively impact outcomes for your cause.


Convert potential supporters quicker and with ease. We combine the best user experience with the right audiences to create a supporter journey that works for you.

Our branded appeal pages are designed to minimize friction and take users from awareness to action as swiftly and naturally as possible.


Make giving memorable with our cause or charity branded Quick Response (QR) codes. Effectively direct supporters to your appeal page or homepage or use them in fundraising packs, direct mail, posters and collection buckets, or even on-ground events.

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