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How young donors are changing the face of Philanthropy in 2022

Updated: Nov 8, 2022

New donors. New behaviours. New Rules.

Keynote: Non-profit, Audiences.

As technology, culture and societal norms evolve, the way younger donors perceive and approach philanthropy changes, too. These influences are making seismic shifts in the charity sector with the impact being felt across all aspects of charity functioning from digital transformation to fundraising ..

A young philanthropist at work with disadvantaged children

A new approach to philanthropy

The up-and-coming generation is challenging the very way we think about philanthropy and incorporate giving into our lives. Here are 4 key ideas that are shaping the change.


Young donors broad self-identification with the term “philanthropist” indicates that they are rejecting its traditional connotations and understand it to apply broadly to anyone giving time, talent or treasure to make the world a better place.


Young donors pay close attention to their peers and use their voices to amplify their impact—largely through social media.

- 46% donate through social media

- 43% Encourage family/ friends to donate to the same cause

- 40% Made a donation after learning about a cause on social media


Young donors are not content to just contribute money and sit on the sidelines, they view a donation as an investment in a solution to a problem they see. They are increasingly focused on the demonstrated effectiveness of the charities they fund.

Charitable giving has become charitable living

Giving is increasingly being integrated into young donors everyday decisions. Donors now make employment, consumer and investment choices through the lens of social change and have expanded the way they support causes.

- 70% Prefer to work for companies that engage in corporate social responsibility

- 47% Prefer to support products from socially responsible businesses

- 20% Engage in impact investment activities.

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