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Supporting amazing causes digitally


At our core, we are a social impact and technology company that works with you to identify the core levers that unlock giving for your cause. This makes us unique in the field, as most other organizations focus solely on one or the other.​


Our services for charity partners span all needs and budgets and we

take a strategic approach to cause-led marketing based on data and research.


Our products aim to fit seamlessly into your world and deliver solutions that make an impact while you focus on affecting the causes you care about. We designed them with public engagement & fundraising in mind.


We analyse data from across the social impact landscape, to understand, learn from, and leverage it to make smart decisions for you. We believe that the best results come from testing and learning continuously, not expensive guesswork.​ Our approach to deploying services and solutions for you is based on a framework we have continued to optimise over time. 

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